Justice as the genuine Islamic principle

Meaning "justice" is the meaning of "God is just and not ruthless" today, while "justice" is one of the attributes of God and therefore one of the principles of creation and Islam based on justice.

If it is true in the sense of justice that the Shi'a says in Islam, and that we believe that it is one of the attributes of God, we should see its manifestation in all the universes, including in the human society.

And if I look at justice only in philosophical, verbal, and paranormal discussions, it means that we all are in it today.

Therefore, the justice which the Shi'a believes in Islam is not solely exclusive to the argument of the theologians, the discussion of the attributes of God is not paranormal, philosophical, verbal, and mystical, but, like all the principles that are laid out in Islam, have begun from God and manifested and its realm encompasses all creation - including human society.

So when we speak of justice, and that justice is one of the principles of Islam, and...